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10 Tips to Stay Healthy at Disneyland This Summer

10 Tips to stay healthy at Disneyland this summer

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Are you planning to visit Disneyland? 

Find out my essential tips for staying healthy at Disneyland! I’ll share how to prepare so you can be comfortable and enjoy your day at the Magic Kingdom.

As a Los Angeles native, one of my favorite things to do is visit Disneyland. One of my earliest memories as a 4-year-old was my trip to Disneyland and riding the cable cars through Matterhorn Mountain. Since then, I’ve been to Disneyland countless times and still go a few times a year. You would think that I get tired of Disney, but I don’t! The sense of nostalgia is so strong every time I go, there’s a magical feeling I just can’t describe! (And no, you are never too old to go to Disneyland!)

Summertime is no joke in Southern California. Temperatures can run into the 100s in the dry desert heat. Even so, it’s a popular time to visit Disneyland. I’ve been to Disneyland in the middle of summer many times, and even I admit I’ve been pretty cranky when I wasn’t prepared for the heat.

The last thing you want is to feel miserable while trying to enjoy your magical day. Here are my Disneyland-friendly tips that will help you stay comfortable on a hot summer day!

Cheesin at Disneyland- Tips to stay healthy at Disneyland
Me cheesin’ it up at Disneyland with Walt and Mickey!

Tips to Stay Healthy at Disneyland

Handheld fan and water mister

This one is probably my favorite on a summer day at Disneyland! Okay, I know it won’t earn you any style points. But trust me, when it’s 95 degrees outside and you’re in a two-hour line for Splash Mountain, you’ll be SO happy you got this!

I’ve honestly gotten so many jealous looks from other park visitors when I break this out. One guy in line even joked that he would pay me if I could sell mine to him! 

Disneyland does sell their own misting fan, but it’s expensive, bulky, and the foam fan blades are not as strong as other fans I own.

I recommend these portable fans instead that will fit in your purse or backpack! Some of them have a folding stand to set on a table or other surface. They are also USB-rechargeable, super convenient!

Handheld fans with water misting

Handheld fans without water misting

Insulated water bottle

Bottled water is expensive at Disneyland. You can just get free water and ice at any dining location in the park. I get a cup of ice, put it into my water bottle and fill the rest with water. That way you have ice cold water to keep you hydrated all day! When you are standing under the hot sun and sweating your face off, dehydration is a real threat!

Here are some of my favorite insulated water bottles. They’ll keep your water cold pretty much the entire day. Make sure you get one with a removable top or wide enough mouth so you can pour ice in.

Simple modern ombre insulated water bottles
MIRA Insulated Reusable Water Bottle Stainless Steel Cherry Blossom Print

Sanitizing wipes

These are much more useful than a bottle of hand sanitizer. The wipes not only sanitize your hands, there are so many other uses! They can clean off sticky sunscreen, food stains on clothing, and wiping down phones, baby stroller, water bottles, or other surfaces that may get dirty throughout the day. I also like that the wipes are much less drying on the skin.

Wet Ones Singles Fresh Scent Antibacterial Wipes


Make sure to protect your skin with a good sunscreen! A sunburn is not a fun souvenir. Make sure to reapply throughout the day, especially if you are sweating. Don’t forget to apply on your face! 

I always try to buy non-toxic, mineral sunscreens (look for zinc oxide and titanium dioxide). If you want to read more about the potential dangers of toxic chemical sunscreens, here’s a great article. These are my favorite non-toxic face sunscreens, perfect for oily skin! For body sunscreens, here are some great non-toxic options.


Just like you are protecting your skin, you must protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. As an optometrist, I find that many people forget sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory. They serve an important purpose in preventing sun damage that can lead to eye problems such as pingueculas, pterygiums, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

But really, don’t you just wanna look cool while you’re standing in line at Disneyland? 


In Southern California, the temperature drop at night can be much more drastic than with other climates. It can be 90 degrees in the daytime, and drop to 60 degrees at night. That means Disneyland can get chilly even in the summertime. And being cold means your body may be more prone to getting sick. Don’t spoil your night at Disneyland by forgetting a jacket!

Comfortable shoes

This may be an obvious one, but it’s a reminder not to just throw on some flip flops because it’s hot outside! When I visit Disneyland, I walk about 10-13 miles in a day. Also keep in mind you may be standing for long periods of time and going up and down stairs.

If you don’t have good shoes, your feet and back will not be happy! Personally, I love wearing Birkenstock sandals to Disneyland. The molded footbed supports my flat feet really well! I get hot easily and don’t like wearing socks and sneakers in the summertime so Birkenstocks are a perfect alternative. Check out these super cute Birks:

Yao Rose gold Metallic Slide Sandal by Birkenstock
Gizeh Flip Flop by Birkenstock in sky blue leather
Mayari Birkenstock sandal - super comfortable
Essentials Arizona Slide Sandal
from Birkenstock

Storage lockers

You might be wondering how to carry all this stuff around all day! A heavy backpack can take a toll on your back, especially if you are standing all day. I highly recommend renting a locker at the park. 

They start at $7, and you can access the locker as many times as you want throughout the day. I usually buy the smallest size and I can fit a few jackets, extra water bottles, extra snacks, sunscreen, and other small items.

Healthy snacks

Disneyland is filled with tempting food options like churros, turkey legs, and deep fried Monte Cristo sandwiches (yes, it’s delicious!). While I think experiencing the amazing food options is part of the fun, you don’t want to feel weighed down in the heat by eating poorly all day. 

Consider bringing some healthy snacks like dried fruit, trail mix, and veggie chips to keep your energy up. Trader Joe’s is a great place to buy healthy snacks! If you prefer dining at the park, here’s a great guide on healthy eats you can find at Disneyland.

Pineapple Dole Whip via
Pineapple Dole Whip via

First aid 

Did you know Disneyland has a first aid clinic? There is one located on Main Street and another one inside California Adventure (the sister park to Disneyland). They are staffed with registered nurses to help you out with minor medical issues. Fortunately, I’ve only visited the first aid clinic once myself!

It’s never a bad idea to bring a little first aid kit with you to Disneyland, but you can get everything you need from a kit at this clinic!

Examples of what the first aid clinic can assist with:

  • Provide EpiPens for allergic reactions
  • Provide bandages, aspirin, allergic medication, stomach relief medication, and other over the counter medications
  • Assistance with low blood sugar, dehydration, sunburn, heat exhaustion, twisted ankle, headaches, nausea, cuts or scrapes
  • Changing area for adults with special needs
  • Storage for guests with refrigerated medications or moms who need to carry breast pump parts
  • Cots if you aren’t feeling well and just need to lay down for a while!

If you need medical assistance, don’t hesitate to visit first aid!

So if you are planning to visit Disneyland this summer, make sure you stay healthy. Don’t forget to save this list and refer back to it when you’re packing your bag! Click the red Pinterest button to Pin it for later.

What’s your favorite Disneyland activity or ride? Leave me a comment below!

10 Tips to Stay Healthy at Disneyland This Summer

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