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12 Healthy Fruit Infused Water Recipes

Healthy fruit infused water recipes-

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Do you get frequent headaches? Do you feel dizzy often? Do you feel tired or low on energy? Is your skin very dry? Do you feel constipated a lot? You could be dehydrated! Drinking water may not be something you enjoy doing, but these recipes will get you excited to chug some good ol‘ H2O!

Healthy fruit infused water is so yummy and is a fantastic way to stay hydrated while getting some extra vitamins. If you don’t drink enough water normally, this post is for you!

I had the flu recently, and I’m currently recovering from it. Don’t you just hate the body aches and chills? Thank goodness the worst is over! Anyway, I have some scratchiness in my throat and a cough that’s lingering, so I’m drinking a ton of water. Normally, I’m a water fiend anyway and have no problem chugging a 32-ounce bottle of plain water. But this time, I added some lemon to soothe my throat. That got me thinking, I should add fruit to my water more often so I can get more vitamins. Plus, it tastes so good!

Mint and lemon water- healthy infused fruit water recipes-

How to Make Healthy Fruit Infused Water

1. Choose your container

I prefer using a glass container like a large mason jar or glass water bottle. Tip: Make sure to check if the mouth of the bottle is wide enough to fit pieces of fruit easily!

If you want, there are infuser bottles specifically made for making infused waters. This one happens to be glass, but I did find that many are plastic. I try not to use plastic bottles in general for health reasons, but I also don’t like the plastic-y taste it gives your water. You can also use a pitcher like this if you want a larger quantity! I love this pitcher because it has a built-in filter to strain the fruit!

2. Choose your ingredients

Try to buy fresh, organic fruits and herbs for your healthy fruit infused waters. You don’t want any pesticides or other contaminants in your water! Make sure you wash your produce thoroughly before using. I highly recommend using a veggie and fruit wash like this affordable one I love!

Use freshly filtered water or bottled water to get a cleaner taste than tap water. Tip: If you want a little extra something, use plain sparkling water! This is a great substitute for soda!

3. Prepare your ingredients

All you do is slice up your fruit (I make them a little bigger than bite-sized) and add it into your bottle or container. If you want to release more flavor, gently muddle the fruit with a spoon, but don’t smash it into pieces. Add water, and let it infuse for at least 30 minutes. You may let it infuse overnight up to a day, but if you are using citrus fruits, the peel will add bitterness to your water if you let it sit too long. Personally, I don’t mind the bitter flavor but some may find it unappetizing.

After you finish your healthy fruit infused water, don’t throw out the fruit yet! Refill your bottle with more water for a second round. The flavor will be lighter of course, but still tasty!

12 Healthy Fruit Infused Water Recipes

Here are some yummy infused water recipes I rounded up for you, with some unique recipes I haven’t seen anywhere else! I explain why each recipe is good for you and what kind of health benefits each ingredient contains. However, keep in mind that the small amount of nutrients and vitamins you get from infused water is no substitute for eating the proper fruits and veggies!

Grapefruit and rosemary healthy infused fruit water from Wholefully

Wholefully- Grapefruit and rosemary | Pineapple and coconut

Most of us know grapefruit contains vitamin C and A, which help our immune system ward off infections. But did you know rosemary is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that boost your immune and blood circulation? This little herb not only smells great but can give your water a nice piney flavor as well!

I also hadn’t thought of using coconut for my infused water, so definitely check out this unique recipe! The pina colada flavors are perfect for a beach day! Coconut is also great for an energy boost, to help with dehydration, and digestive problems.

pineapple ginger, and orange healthy infused fruit water-

This Mama Loves- Pineapple, ginger, and orange

This awesome combo gives your immune system a boost! You get your vitamin C from pineapple and orange, and then you have the all-powerful ginger! I absolutely love ginger, especially when I have a cold or flu. The spicy heat helps clear my sore throat and congestion. Not only that, but ginger has wonderful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties.

STRAWBERRY BASIL INFUSED WATER- healthy infused fruit water from

Feast and West- Strawberry and basil

I love basil! I’ll eat basil leaves straight up because I just love the fresh flavor. Basil is not only anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial in nature, but it is also an adaptogenic herb. This means it’s an herb that can help your body manage stress. Strawberries can help protect against cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases. Basil and strawberry just go so well together!

Food Lovin Family- Watermelon, cucumber, and mint

This is the ultimate refreshing infused fruit water! Watermelon has vitamin C and lycopene which are antioxidants, L-citrulline which helps your muscles recover after working out, among many other nutrients! Mint helps stimulate digestion, improve blood circulation, combat cold and flu, and treat nausea or headaches. I think it’s time for me to make a glass of this infused water!

healthy fruit infused waters from

Culinary Hill- Mango, raspberry, and ginger | Blackberries, orange, and ginger

So many tasty fruit infused water recipes here! You know I had to pick the ones with my favorite ginger zing. I love the tropical combo of the mango with raspberry and ginger…reminds me of being on vacation in the Caribbeans! The blackberry and orange make a sweet and tangy combo.

Did you know? Raspberries and blackberries contain quercetin, which can help reduce your risk of cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, and some neurological diseases. Berries are one of my favorite fruits, and there’s a good reason to eat more of them!

How to Make Infused Water Recipes at

Eating Bird Food- Grapefruit and jalapeño | Strawberry and thyme

This spicy infused water is my kinda jam! Both grapefruit and jalapeño can boost your metabolism (especially before a fat-burning workout), but this combo also tastes great! Just don’t let it infuse too long if you don’t want it to be too spicy.

Strawberry and thyme is another unique combination that also has health benefits. Thyme is wonderful for digestive problems and helps support your respiratory and immune system as well. Thyme will infuse your water with an aromatic, earthy and minty flavor!

Detoxinista- Orange and vanilla

Can you just imagine how heavenly this would taste? I probably ate dozens of Creamsicles as a kid and this tastes just like one (only without the extra sugar and junk). The recipe recommends vanilla extract or fresh vanilla bean, but you can also use vanilla bean paste.

Did you know? Vanilla is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial agent. It’s also been shown to reduce depression and anxiety in some people.

A Bubbly Life- Cantaloupe, blueberry, and mint

One of my favorite agua fresca flavors is cantaloupe, so I knew a recipe for infused water with this fruit would be a winner! The fragrant and juicy flavor of the melon will make you want to drink a TON of this water! I think this would be even more delicious with a few slices of lime thrown in there.

Houseful of Handmade- Lavender and lemon

I’m kind of lavender obsessed lately. I bought a gigantic package of lavender to use as air fresheners around the house, but it’s also amazing in drinks! I love lavender lemonade, so I found this recipe for infused water that will give you the same delicious flavor but without the sugar found in lemonade. When buying dried lavender, make sure you search for “culinary grade” or “food grade” so you know it’s okay to eat. Here’s a great organic option.

Did you know? Lavender isn’t just wonderful for aromatherapy. Lavender can help with digestive issues like bloating and upset stomach. It can also be useful in treating insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Time to Try a Healthy Fruit Infused Water!

Challenge yourself to drink more water by trying these recipes. Set a goal to drink 2 more cups, 4 more cups, or even 8 more cups of water a day. A great idea is to fill up a large water bottle or two and make sure you drink the entire bottle by the end of the day! You’ll notice your energy level increase, your skin will look better, your headaches will improve, among many other benefits of drinking water!

Which recipes are you going to try? Leave me a comment and let me know. Stay hydrated!

12 Healthy Fruit Infused Water Recipes

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