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Affordable Designer Sunglasses You’ll Love

Prive Revaux The Artist Sunglasses

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Finding stylish yet affordable designer sunglasses can be tricky. Winter is here in many parts of the world, but for those of us who live a little bit closer to the equator, we have to worry about sun protection year round. It was over 80 degrees here in L.A. the other day…I definitely needed my sunglasses!

I have a lot of friends that tell me they’re always losing their sunglasses so they hate spending money on expensive shades. If you’re one of those people, then I have the perfect sunglasses for you!

Where Can I Get Affordable Designer Sunglasses?

I recently discovered Prive Revaux sunglasses, and I wanted to see what the buzz was about. I noticed several celebrities promoting the brand (like Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld, etc), and I was hoping it wasn’t just a hyped up product with celebrity endorsement. So I decided to order a couple of pairs and try them out for myself.

Their trendy and unique styles definitely impressed me. Normally I look to Dior or Miu Miu for my fun sunglasses but they’re usually a pretty penny. The best part about Prive Revaux? All their shades cost under $30They also use quality materials for the frame and lenses, so you don’t have to worry about them looking cheap.

Over time, I’ve collected dozens of sunglasses, ranging from $20 no-name shades to $500+ Chanels. And I have to say, for $30, Prive Revaux has done a great job of producing quality, affordable designer sunglasses.

Here, I’m wearing “The Heartbreaker” and “The Artist” styles:

Prive Revaux The Heartbreaker Affordable Designer Sunglasses

Prive Revaux Affordable Designer Sunglasses

Prive Revaux Stylish and Affordable Designer Sunglasses




Prive Revaux Sunglasses Review

The metal frames are scratch resistant stainless steel, and the plastic frames are injection molded polycarbonate. All of their lenses have 100% UVA/UVB protection, and some of the styles are polarized as well.

While my pairs of Prive Revaux have held up fine after two months of regular use, I notice the metal is thinner and less substantial than my high end frames. So I’m not sure how long they will last, but at least it’s affordable to buy a new pair if one breaks. One thing I do like about the thinner frame is that they are super light! As someone who has a flatter nose bridge, heavier frames tend to be uncomfortable and slide down my face easily. I love wearing my Heartbreaker shades because they’re so comfortable and fit perfectly!

As far as the lenses go, there is anti reflective coating but I still get a bit of backside glare. It doesn’t bother me that much. However, I do prefer the optical quality of my polarized Ray Bans if I’m going to be outdoors all day. The mirrored front of the lenses have held up well and don’t have any scratches on it yet. Overall, I think the Prive Revaux shades are good quality and perfect for everyday use. It also comes with a classy collapsible case and microfiber cloth, which I really like, because I carry smaller purses when I go out and the sunglass case usually takes up a ton of space.

I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my Prive Revaux sunglasses, and some of my friends even thought they were expensive $200 shades!

PSA: Prive Revaux is currently having a holiday sale where you can get 3 pairs for $75! If you’re gift shopping, it’s a great gift idea (by that I mean, buy two for gifts, get one pair for yourself!). I don’t know how long the sale will last, so check it out soon!

Here are a few of my favorite Prive Revaux picks, great for both women and men:

Prive Revaux The Nova         Prive Revaux The FoxxPrive Revaux The Jetsetter                 Prive Revaux The Nasty Woman    Prive Revaux The Heartbreaker


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