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Best Setting Powders for Oily Skin That Are Talc-Free

Best Setting powders for oily skin that are talc free

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How many of you dread that mid-afternoon shine on your face? How about the creased foundation that slides off before your day is over?

We all know how important a good setting powder is to keep our makeup looking fresh. And for us oily skinned gals, it’s especially important to keep our face from looking like a greaseball!

If you want to skip to the list of the best setting powders for oily skin, scroll down. But first, I’d like to share why I always look for setting powders that are talc-free.

Why Choose Talc-Free Setting Powders?

Most setting powders contain talc, but I go out of my way to buy talc-free. Why? Let me explain.

Talc is a natural mineral commonly found in many cosmetic and personal care products like baby powder and eyeshadow. It’s even found in things you consume like chewing gum and vitamin tablets.

You might also be familiar with asbestos, which is another mineral that is linked with cancer. The concern here is that some talc contains asbestos. Of course, food-grade or cosmetic-grade talc is not supposed to contain any asbestos. But as much as these products are regulated by the FDA, there’s always a possibility the talc in your cosmetics can be contaminated with asbestos.

For example, here’s a Safety Alert recently issued by the FDA on Claire’s cosmetic products that tested positive for asbestos. If you want to read more about this, here’s some more information on talc and cosmetic safety.

Based on the research I’ve done, most products we use that contain talc are probably safe. But if you can avoid the risk, why not? In my opinion, it’s better to be safe and buy talc-free setting powders!

Now that’s out of the way, onto my list of the best setting powders for oily skin, all talc-free of course!

Best Setting Powders for Oily Skin

COVER FX Perfect Setting Powder for oily skin

Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder

I love Cover FX because they really put a lot of thought into developing their products. Their makeup is free of harmful ingredients and better for your skin. Their Perfect Setting Powder is no exception. It’s really one of the best powders for oily skin.

This powder is really great if you want a matte, airbrushed look. The formula is very translucent and will not add color to your face. The powder is very fine and great for baking your concealer. There are only two color options, but again it’s very translucent so darker skin types should still be able to use this. I suggest trying the mini size if you’re not sure it’ll match.

I apply the powder with a fluffy brush, or if I don’t want such a matte look, I find a damp sponge works well to give a more natural finish.

Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder - Best face powder for oily skin

Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder

This is my other favorite setting powder. It contains 50 percent water and glycerin, so when you apply it, it feels like a fine mist of water refreshing your face. It’s so refreshing and perfect for summertime!

The high moisture content allows this setting powder to look very natural and not overly matte or cakey. This powder is SUPER easy to apply. It’s so sheer and translucent, you won’t overdo it! It has a bouncy trampoline mesh so you can pick up the right amount of powder with your brush.

The oil control is great, but I wouldn’t say it’s heavy duty like a super matte powder. Just enough where you have a dewy glow versus an oil slick.

One more note- the cooling mist sensation of the powder does wear off after a while even if you keep the lid closed. It lasted about 3-4 months for me. However, this does not affect the performance of the product in my opinion.

HOURGLASS Veil Translucent Setting Powder for Oily Skin

Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder

Hourglass always products never disappoint me! I’m a big fan of their Veil Mineral primer because it’s AMAZING at controlling oily skin and feels so silky smooth. When I discovered their sister product, the Veil setting powder, I had to try it!

This setting powder feels just as silky as the Veil primer and is really finely milled. I expect no less from Hourglass because of the higher price tag. It’s the perfect complement to their Veil primer and I recommend using them both with your foundation.

It also contains diamond powder, which helps give it a light-reflecting, airbrushed look. Because of this formulation, it doesn’t look matte or flat at all. If you want oil control but still like that dewy, glowy look, TRY THIS SETTING POWDER!

Glossier Wowder Finishing Powder and Setting Powder for Oily Skin

Glossier Wowder Weightless Finishing & Setting Powder

This Glossier powder is a fantastic substitute for the Hourglass Veil Powder if you want something more affordable. I wasn’t sure if I would like this better than the other powders above, but I am impressed.

Glossier Wowder also contains diamond powder, as well as kaolin clay to absorb oil. It also has Vitamin E to keep the powder silky and not drying.

I would say the finish is a little bit more matte than the Hourglass Veil Powder. And while it is sheer, you still get a TINY bit of coverage and color, which I actually like because it warms up my skin tone.

Some reviewers reported that the colors seemed too dark for fair skin or oxidized on them. I didn’t have that problem and the color matched me well. I bought the color G8-G10 (light/medium). FYI for foundation shades, I am a MAC NC25 and Fenty Beauty 230-235.

Overall, Wowder is totally worth the price and I suggest you check it out if you like a setting powder with a tiny bit of coverage and color.

BareMinerals Mineral Veil -Best Setting Powder for Oily Skin

BareMinerals Mineral Veil Setting Powder

Yes, Mineral Veil is marketed as a setting powder over the BareMinerals mineral powder foundation, but it actually works over liquid foundation too!

What I like about it is the simple ingredient list- only about 5 ingredients, one of them being corn starch! Corn starch is good at absorbing oil and minimizing pores.

For the best oil control, the Matte finish is probably the best bet. I haven’t tried the Hydrating finish, but it would probably work well if you have combination skin and don’t want to emphasize your dry patches. The Tinted version is good for darker skin tones. From reviews, the Illuminating finish looks quite sparkly so I would probably not go for that one myself.

Charlotte Tilbury Genius Under Eye & Face Magic Powder- Best setting powder oily skin

This setting powder, like BareMinerals Mineral Veil, contains corn starch to help absorb oil and keep you matte. The luxe formulation also has Squalane and Tsubaki Oil to nourish and soften your skin. They also use a special type of mica to give your skin a “brightening-radiance effect”.

Charlotte Tilbury powders have a soft, creamy feel that don’t go on chalky at all. Very high quality as you would expect from her products. You’ll get a smooth, glowy, airbrushed finish that looks natural!

What are some of your favorite setting powders? I’d love to hear! Leave me a comment below. And if you want more makeup and skincare recommendations for oily skin, check out these posts below!

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